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Learn to Fly in South Africa

When you choose to Learn to Fly in South Africa - fixed wing helicopters PPL or CPL or microlights - you will begin an experience-filled adventure you will never forget.

  • High quality training - fixed-wing, helicopter and microlight - judged by many to be superior to most training offered in the USA.
  • Great all-year-round weather - no endless rain and grey skies in Europe to slow your progress - instead sunshine and swimming in the sea, even in winter.
  • Near-luxury accommodation. In Durban our guest lodge - with swimming pool - is only minutes walk from the sea and the flying school.
  • In the wildlife reserves - quality lake and game lodges in the African bush.
  • Many extra opportunities - warm Indian Ocean for water sports, capturing wild animals with helicopters, mountains, sea and trout fishing, nightlife.

The Learn to Fly service

Airborne Pilot Training liaises with the best flying schools in South Africa and helps you select the one that best suits your needs.

You are free to choose from excellent selected flying schools in any of the major centres - Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg. But we urge you to give serious consideration to what we call 'jewels' : Fixed-wing, helicopter and Microlight training in Durban or Mpumalanga Microlight viewing the Big Five from the air and ground.

We make all the South Africa-side arrangements - including flight training, accommodation, aviation medical - and you will be met at the airport on arrival.

We are also available for advice throughout your stay, and to offer suggestions regarding things to do and places to visit.

Estimated costs!
(subject to change without prior notice)

Fixed-wing PPL : R80 000
Helicopter HPPL : R160 000
Microlight Dbn : R35 000
Mpumalanga (Kruger Park) Microlight MPPL : R31 000

These are estimated costs

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Comments on learning to fly in South Africa

'The country offers fantastic opportunities for the student pilot'
- Ian Seager, Publisher,
The Flyer Magazine (UK)

'Been  back  for  a week  and  I'm missing flying and South Africa at  the moment'
- Neil Hughes
(UK) graduate HPPL Game Conservation

'I'd be happy to talk to people. I had a  good  experience there, and can understand how they might need some reassurance'
- Chris Buells
(USA) graduate HPPL in Durban

'I'm coming to South Africa again this summer to do instrument rating and hour building. Thank u again so much for all u did'
- Mohammed Zafer
(Egypt) graduate PPL in Durban

'I'm still trying to talk my dad into coming with me in the summer if i come back. I would enjoy it a lot to see everyone again plus i can do a lot more flying'
- Chris Marsh
(UK) graduate PPL in Durban

'I've been contacted by a person called Bill .... absolutely delighted to tell him how successful my experience of Durban was .... extremely positive .... I said my 8 weeks were completely faultless. I will be back!'
- Euan Kidd
(Scotland) graduate PPL in Durban